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Afternight Server Settings

The server operator of Afternight has full control over all of the settings found below, and can change them at any time.

CBSM Modules Setting
Global Ban List Yes
Anti-Cheat A.I Yes
Ping Limit 0
Interactive Server Map Enabled
PvP Jail Enabled
Server Language English
Chat Translator No
In-Game Wiki / Game Guide No
Revenue and Benefits Rate
zCoins Per Zombie Killed + 5 zC
zCoins Per Minute of Play + 1 zC
Voter Reward Points Yes
Voting Point Conversion Rate 100 zCoins each
zCoin Expenses Rate
zCoins Lost on death 0 zC
zCoins Cost to /SetHome 0 zC
zCoins Cost to /Home 10 zC
zCoins Cost to create a zGate 0 zC
zCoins Cost to visit a zGate 100 zC
Game Configuration Setting
Max Players 36
24 Hour Cycle 60 Minutes
Daylight Per Day 20 hours
Max Spawned Animals 45
Dogs Enabled Yes
Drop on Death Toolbelt Only
Drop on Quit Nothing
Max Spawned Zombies 100
Zombie Memory 5 Seconds
Zombie Spawn Rate Very High (150%)
Loot Abudance 100%
Loot Respawn 12 Days
EAC Enabled Yes
Cooldown Delays & Limits Minutes
Delay between /Home Use 0 Min
Delay between /teleport Use 1 Min
zGates can be public? Yes